Medical Device Tax

Medical Device Tax

Medical Device Tax

Repeal Device Tax

AdvaMed has consistently and strongly opposes the $30 billion medical device tax because it harms job creation, deters medical innovation and increases the cost of health care. Congress should repeal it before it can do more damage to American Innovation.

The U.S. leads the world in medical technology, but the device tax threatens that leadership because it will put an additional burden on medical device innovators already struggling under the weight of America’s uncompetitive tax system. The tax will be levied on medical device sales in the U.S. regardless of whether the company is making a profit.

Medical technology creates more than two million jobs directly and indirectly all over the United States. The industry is one of the few U.S. manufacturing sectors that is a net exporter, and its innovations help reduce the human and economic burden of chronic disease. 


Medical Technology Saved my Life... Repeal the Device Tax

Device Tax Harms Innovation, Jobs & Patient Cures

Congress Must Act Now for Jobs & Innovation 

Supporters of R&D Agree to Repeal Device Tax

To learn more about the device tax see the resources and reports below:


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