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1/1/2016 2016 AdvaMed Code Certification and Logo Supplement Package Legal AdvaMed Code Certification Administrative
11/19/2015 Radiotherapy: A Critical Component of Cancer Treatment Public Affairs Radiotherapy Infographic Fact sheet
11/18/2015 FDA-2015-N-3166 Patient Engagement Advisory Committe Federal Register Notice Technology & Regulatory Affairs Patient Engagement Advisory Committee Comments
11/17/2015 AdvaMed Written Statement for Senate Finance Committee Nov. 2015 Legal Physician-Owned Distributors (PODs) Testimony
11/17/2015 Vice President and Sector Lead, Radiation Therapy Technology & Regulatory Affairs Position Description Administrative
11/17/2015 Associate Vice President, Technology and Regulatory Affairs Technology & Regulatory Affairs Position Description Administrative
11/6/2015 FDA-2015-N-2048 Medical Device Epidemiology Network (MDEpiNet) Registry Task Force Report Technology & Regulatory Affairs MDEpiNet Comments
11/6/2015 FDA-2000-D-0067 Medical Device Patient Labeling Technology & Regulatory Affairs Patient Labeling Comments
10/27/2015 Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 and House Amendment HR 1314 Public Affairs Budget Amendment Regulation
10/26/2015 Promoting Semantic Interoperability of Laboratory Data; Public Workshop and Draft Discussion Paper Technology & Regulatory Affairs semantic interoperability Comments
10/14/2015 Downtown DC Hotels Finance and Business Services Downtown Hotels Guidance
10/13/2015 The Impact of Medical Technology on Medicare Spending Public Affairs Research Study White Paper
10/13/2015 Estimates of Medical Device Spending in the United States Public Affairs Research Study White Paper
10/13/2015 The Value of Medical Technology Infographic Public Affairs Infographic Fact sheet
10/2/2015 Heparin-Coated Device Draft Guidance Technology & Regulatory Affairs Heparin-Containing Medical Devices Comments
9/29/2015 Case for Quality Volume 2 Appendix C Technology & Regulatory Affairs Case For Quality - Supplier Quality / Purchasing Controls Fact sheet
9/25/2015 ICER Draft Report on CardioMEMS and Entresto for Management of Congestive Heart Failure Payment CardioMEMS Comments
9/24/2015 Unique Device Identification: Direct Marking of Devices Technology & Regulatory Affairs UDI Direct Marking Comments
9/21/2015 MVPVets Engagements at AdvaMed 2015 Public Affairs Medical Technology Fact sheet
9/21/2015 Proposed/Draft Local Coverage Determination: Surgical Dressing (DL33831) Payment LCD Fact sheet
9/17/2015 9 17 2015 Notice of Lithium Battery Safety Public Meeting and Request for Information Technology & Regulatory Affairs lithium batteries Comments
9/16/2015 9 16 2015 Factors to Consider When Making Benefit-Risk Determinations for Medical Device Investigational Device Exemptions Technology & Regulatory Affairs Investigational Device Exemptions Comments
9/8/2015 2015-09-03 AdvaMed Comments on Open Payments Data Considerations Legal Physician Payments Sunshine Comments
9/8/2015 Payment Policies Under the Physican ee Schedule for CY 2016 Proposed Rule Payment PFS Comments
9/8/2015 Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Payment Model for Acute Care Hospitals Furnishing Lower Extremity Joint Replacement Payment CCJR Comments