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9/29/2015 Case for Quality Volume 2 Appendix C Technology & Regulatory Affairs Case For Quality - Supplier Quality / Purchasing Controls Fact sheet
9/21/2015 MVPVets Engagements at AdvaMed 2015 Public Affairs Medical Technology Fact sheet
9/21/2015 Proposed/Draft Local Coverage Determination: Surgical Dressing (DL33831) Payment LCD Fact sheet
9/17/2015 9 17 2015 Notice of Lithium Battery Safety Public Meeting and Request for Information Technology & Regulatory Affairs lithium batteries Comments
9/16/2015 9 16 2015 Factors to Consider When Making Benefit-Risk Determinations for Medical Device Investigational Device Exemptions Technology & Regulatory Affairs Investigational Device Exemptions Comments
9/8/2015 2015-09-03 AdvaMed Comments on Open Payments Data Considerations Legal Physician Payments Sunshine Comments
9/8/2015 Payment Policies Under the Physican ee Schedule for CY 2016 Proposed Rule Payment PFS Comments
9/8/2015 Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Payment Model for Acute Care Hospitals Furnishing Lower Extremity Joint Replacement Payment CCJR Comments
9/3/2015 The Value of MedTech: to treat AFib Public Affairs Atrial fibrillation Fact sheet
8/31/2015 Hospital OPPS and AMS Payment System Proposed CY 2016 Rule Payment OPPS Comments
8/27/2015 8 27 2015 Assessment of Radiofrequency-Induced Heating in the Magnetic Resonance Environment for Multi-Configuration Passive Medical Devices Technology & Regulatory Affairs radiofrequency-induced heating Comments
8/27/2015 8 27 2015 Premarket Notification Requirements Concerning Gowns Intended for Use in Health Care Settings Technology & Regulatory Affairs gown regulations Comments
8/18/2015 FDA-2015-D-1580 Patient Preference Information Draft Guidance Technology & Regulatory Affairs Patient Preference Draft Guidance Comments
8/10/2015 HPA Summary - Medicare Hospital Inpatient Prospective Payment System FY 2016 Final Rule Payment IPPS Summary
8/5/2015 MedAccred Supply Chain Accreditation Information Technology & Regulatory Affairs Case For Quality - Supplier Quality / Purchasing Controls Fact sheet
7/30/2015 7 30 2015 AdvaMed Comments on Docket Number FDA-2015-D-1439 Adaptive Designs for Medical Device Clinical Studies Technology & Regulatory Affairs Clinical Studies Comments
7/28/2015 Device Tax Patient Story: Vanessa Ghigliotty Public Affairs Device Tax Fact sheet
7/24/2015 AdvaMed-MedTechEurope SMI Brochure v4 Legal Distributor Guidance Guidance
7/24/2015 August 2015 HOP Panel Statement Payment HOP Statement
7/20/2015 Innovation Agenda Policy Proposals Public Affairs Innovation Agenda White Paper
7/14/2015 AdvaMed India Ethics and Compliance Brochure v18 Legal India Compliance Fact sheet
7/13/2015 MDUFA Public Meeting Technology & Regulatory Affairs MDUFA Meeting Presentation
7/8/2015 AdvaMed Comments on FDA Pediatric Medical Devices Docket Technology & Regulatory Affairs Medical Devices Comments
7/3/2015 2015-07-03 AdvaMed Opposition to ABA Proposed Resolution 105 Legal ABA Proposed Resolution 105 Letter
7/1/2015 Acceptance of Medical Device Clinical Data from Studies Conducted Outside the United States Technology & Regulatory Affairs Clinical Studies Comments