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2/24/2015 AdvaMed Fly-In Rollcall Public Affairs Device Tax Fact sheet
2/24/2015 AdvaMed Cures Discussion Document comments 2.15.2015 Government Affairs 21st Century Cures Comments
2/10/2015 Latin America Compliance Conference 2015 Legal Compliance Conference Fact sheet
2/9/2015 AdvaMed's Innovation Agenda Public Affairs Innovation Agenda Summary
2/9/2015 Innovation Agenda: Five Pillars to Protect the MedTech Ecosystem Public Affairs Innovation Agenda Fact sheet
2/9/2015 AdvaMed's Innovation Agenda: Background and Detail Public Affairs Innovation Agenda White Paper
2/6/2015 Accountable Care Organization - Proposed Rule Payment ACO Comments
2/6/2015 Latin American Compliance Conference 2015 Global Compliance Conference Fact sheet
2/5/2015 Updates to Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Initiative Methodologies Payment Bundled Payments Guidance
2/5/2015 Alert - CMS issues final NCD on Lung Cancer Screening and a proposed screening for HIV Infections Payment Coverage Fact Sheet
1/30/2015 AdvaMed Comments on the Framework for Regulatory Oversight for Laboratory Developed Tests Technology & Regulatory Affairs Lab Developed Tests Comments
1/28/2015 Impact of the Medical Device Tax: January 2015 Status Report Public Affairs Device Tax Study
1/27/2015 Vice President of Technology and Regulatory Affairs Position Technology & Regulatory Affairs New position Administrative
1/26/2015 Colombia - ANDI Code of Ethics 2014 Legal APEC Code of Ethics Guidance
1/23/2015 Director of Business Development and Membership Position Public Affairs Membership position Administrative
1/23/2015 Director MTLI Position Public Affairs MTLI Director position Administrative
1/23/2015 AdvaMed comments on New Clinical Trials Demographic Data Technology & Regulatory Affairs demographic data Comments
1/13/2015 Device Tax Repeal Coalition Letter Public Affairs Device Tax Letter
1/8/2015 AdvaMed Research: Making the Case for MedTech Public Affairs Case for MedTech Fact sheet
1/7/2015 FDA Public Workshop: Framework for Regulatory Oversight of Laboratory Developed Test Public Affairs LDT Statement Comments
12/4/2014 AdvaMed Comments on Patient Participation in Medical Product Discussions; Establishment of a Public Docket Technology & Regulatory Affairs Patient Participation Comments
12/2/2014 Good Practices for the Procurement of Innovative Medical Technology Global Procurement White Paper
11/25/2014 Nomination for Members of the PAMA Advisory Panel on Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Test Payment PAMA Letter
11/21/2014 Hospital-Level-Standardized Payment Measure for a 90-day Episode of Care for Elective THA/TKA Payment Payment Measure Comments
11/5/2014 Post Election Analysis Memo 2014 Public Affairs 2014 Election Analysis Media Kit