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5/26/2016 EY Pulse of the Industry 2015 Public Affairs Medical Technology Guidance
5/17/2016 State Medical Technology Alliance Roster Government Affairs SMTA Roster Fact sheet
5/10/2016 Physician Own Distributors One Pager Legal PODs Fact sheet
5/6/2016 PODs Letter to CMS Legal Physician-Owned Distributors Letter
5/6/2016 Letter on Stark Law Enhancements Legal Stark Law Letter
5/3/2016 AdvaMed Comments on FDA-2015-D-4599 High-Priority Devices for Human Factors Review Technology & Regulatory Affairs High Priority Devices Comments
5/3/2016 AdvaMed Comments on FDA 2015-D-4848 Human Factors for Combination Products Technology & Regulatory Affairs Human Factors Comments
4/29/2016 Putting the Pieces Together Public Affairs Medical Technology Fact sheet
4/20/2016 FABS Controller Position Description Finance and Business Services Position Description Administrative
4/20/2016 AdvaMed Comments on FDA-2015-D-3581 Adipose HCT-P Homologous Use Technology & Regulatory Affairs Homologous Use Comments
4/18/2016 AdvaMed Comments on ICMJE Clinical Trial Data Sharing Requirement Technology & Regulatory Affairs data sharing Comments
4/13/2016 Assistant Vice President AdvaMed Accel Position Description Legal Position Description Administrative
4/13/2016 Associate Vice President Global Strategy and Analysis Position Description Global Position Description Administrative
4/7/2016 FDA-2016-D-0199 Technology & Regulatory Affairs NDC and NHRIC Guidance
4/6/2016 FDA-D-4803 Emerging Signals Technology & Regulatory Affairs Emerging Signals Guidance
4/6/2016 FDA-2015-D-4048 UDI Convenience Kits Technology & Regulatory Affairs UDI Convenience Kits Guidance
3/30/2016 WEN 2016 Sponsorship Opportunities Public Affairs Sponsorship Opportunities Media Kit
3/28/2016 Medicare Shared Savings Program: Accountable Care Organization - Revised Benchmark Rebasing Methodology Proposed Rule Payment ACO Comments
3/28/2016 Comments on draft white paper, Accelerating and Aligning Clinical Episode Payment Models; Elective Joint Replacement Payment Episode Payment Comments
3/22/2016 FDA Response on Loaner Consignment Devices_Cross Reference Approach for Orthopedic Trays under UDI Rule Technology & Regulatory Affairs UDI Rule Letter
3/11/2016 AdvaMed Cmts on FDA-2012-N-1021 Fy16 Proposed Guidance Development Technology & Regulatory Affairs Guidance Development Guidance
3/1/2016 CMS Quality Measure Development Plan Payment Quality Measure Comments
3/1/2016 CMS Episode Groups Payment Episode Groups Comments
2/29/2016 Director of Information Technology Position Description Finance and Business Services Position Description Administrative
2/29/2016 Executive Assistant to the CEO Position Description President's Office Position Description Administrative